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Age : 24 years
Country : France
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Alyssa Wild is a young asian half-blood with cats eyes. She has the same apatit for sex as or life in general. Thirsty of new experiment, man eater, no doubt she will seduce you with her impetuous nature.

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Cute asian teens gets fuc...
Alyssa Wild | robin-reid
  • Cute asian teens gets fucked
    Full HD : 13708 - : 69%
    Asian - Brunette - Deepthroat - Outdoor - Pornstars - Metis -
    Description :
    One young lady introduces her friend in front of the camera, in order to make her familiar with porno-shootings. She undresses her, while she is talking. But the photographer can't resist any longer and goes over to action, fucking deeply the new girl. Robin has lots of fun, and the young lady enjoys and shows off her erotic skills.
Jun 05, 2008 - Porn Video : 20:02
Cute half-blood asian fuc...
Alyssa Wild | Terry Reid
  • Cute half-blood asian fucking and squirting
    Full HD : 15558 - : 65%
    Asian - Brutal - Deepthroat - Metis - Panties - Squirt - Stocking -
    Description :
    A cute half-blood asian is quietly washing the dishes while her boss gets in the kitchen with his video camera. He just bought a new gadget and wants to try it. The cutty, as a good and devoted handmaid proposes herself to give him a blowjob so that he has better things to record. First, offended, he refuses, but after she insists, he lets it go... So she grabs on his cock and swallow it as she hadn't been eating for one week. She swallows it so deep that she almost spits up. Driven crazy by such a blowjob, the guy puts 3 fingers in her pussy and ploughs it up to make her skirt, and what a squirt !! She showers everything around with her sweet cream.. So big boss decides to smash in her pussy !! He fucked her every way he can and she bays of pleasure. And once they both have had a great moment, he cums onto her nice little face. It's so good to have domestic staff you can trust in !!
Jun 05, 2008 - Porn Video : 25:26
Alyssa Wild Beach
Alyssa Wild
Jun 05, 2008 - Sexy Video : 03:53
Alyssa Wild Kitchen
Alyssa Wild
Jun 05, 2008 - Sexy Video : 04:14

Alyssa Wild Webcam
Alyssa Wild
Jun 05, 2008 - Sexy Video : 00:12
Alyssa Wild Gun
Alyssa Wild
Jun 05, 2008 - Sexy Video : 07:00
Alyssa Wild Bed
Alyssa Wild
Jun 05, 2008 - Sexy Video : 05:38
Charming cat eyes asian d...
Alyssa Wild
May 29, 2008 - Sexy Video : 06:25

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