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Age : 22 years
Country : France
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Angell Summers just back ...
Angell Summers | Terry Reid
  • Angell Summers just back from the USA!
    Full HD : 42986 - : 77%
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    Description :
    Angell Summer is a very pretty actress, who is just back from the U.S.A. There, she has been making scenes with the best of all times and Terry tells her that we would like to do the same thing here in Spain. So as this beauty is explaining how people work over there, we do everything that she asks us to do. But don't be a fool! Kemaco is Kemaco, and we don't care that much about the rules and stuff of other countries. We do prefer our own methods and it is much more fun anyway. So, in the end, after so many explanations, Terry fucks her in the ass without any regrets; we made her swallow Terry's dick without asking for permission and he fucked her pussy with no feeling of any guilt. Do you really think, somebody can tell us how we have to fuck? No!
Feb 04, 2012 - Porn Video : 36:51
Angell Summers Jorge
Angell Summers | Jorge Fernandez
  • Full HD : 57277 - : 76%
    Anal - Brunette - Pornstars - Teen -
    Description :
    Our brunette actress Angell Summers has got a birthday! She is 37 now! No, I am fucking joking! Of course, she is just 23 years old. In any case we need to give her a little present, and there we go: We have invited our Spanish actor Jorge Fernández with a nice lace around his neck, which makes him look like a gift-box! And the real gift is already clear, isn't it? Jorge will do his very best to make a good porn-scene with Angell, one scene that will make her feel like heaven! She experiences the ecstasy of coming several times. It is a different way of celebrating a birthday, and a different gift called pleasure! You can also watch them fuck in Full HD!
Jun 07, 2010 - Porn Video : 25:54
Angell Summers Phil Holly...
Angell Summers | Phil Hollyday
  • Full HD : 22573 - : 75%
    Anal - Brunette - Outdoor - Pornstars - Teen -
    Description :
    Angell Summers and Phil Hollyday are lovers! Or at least they behave like that! They are looking for a quiet place in the meadow, in order to be able to fuck without any interruption and nobody should trouble them now. They feel comfortable here in that green area, and they start to undress each other slowly; they cuddle, they kiss each other and they fuck, of course! This scene is only a part of a main film and is available in Full HD.
Jun 07, 2010 - Porn Video : 17:37
Angell Summers Andrea Mor...
Angell Summers | Andrea Moranty
  • Full HD : 92595 - : 74%
    Anal - Blonde - Pornstars - Teen - Ass -
    Description :
    Angell Summers, a starlet that won the French award Hot d'Or 2009, goes to see her friend Andrea Moranty. Her sexy clothes already drive him mad, as she enters the door. And they are going to fuck all the afternoon, having a great time together. Also available in Full HD.
Oct 12, 2009 - Porn Video : 24:37

Redneck nasty sex
Angell Summers | Terry Reid
  • Redneck nasty sex
    Full HD : 117211 - : 71%
    Anal - Brunette - Funny - Outdoor - Pornstars - Teen -
    Description :
    We have met by coincidence this couple of farmers, who is not really good at having sex together. They are country bumpkins and we can't help that. Nevertheless, there are two sex experts having a walk in the area, Jordanne Kali and Milky Cooper, because they want to collect some flowers. When they discover the clumsy couple, they giggle and get the idea of teasing them a little while. One of the girls has a fake gun and removes it from her belt to threaten the farmer. The chicks want him to fuck his wife by using pleasing methods, so that the poor woman can experience good sex for one time in her life. We all do that and we all know how to fuck well! So why should they not be able to learn? The couple does everything possible and new to them, the wife will even be fucked in the ass! She is so excited that she does a squirting! This scene is part of a main film and is available in Full HD.
Jun 07, 2010 - Porn Video : 26:57
Angell Summers Max Cortes
Angell Summers | Max Cortes
  • Full HD : 59702 - : 69%
    Anal - Blonde - Pornstars - Teen -
    Description :
    Spanish actor Max Cortes finds a cute blond babe at the beach, and approaches her slowly. Maybe she wants to be fucked? That's what he is thinking of. So he tries to persuade her, and that is pretty easy. The girl is eager to have sex and gives him a good blowjob to start the action. Besides all other typical ingredients of a sex-scene, the highlight in this one is called sodomy! Don't miss this crazy tape!
Oct 12, 2009 - Porn Video : 19:37
Angell Summers Boat
Angell Summers
Jun 07, 2010 - Sexy Video : 03:51
Angell Summers Interview
Angell Summers
Jun 07, 2010 - Sexy Video : 07:38

Angell Summers Bathtoy
Angell Summers
Feb 04, 2012 - Sexy Video : 04:38
Angell Summers Jungle
Angell Summers
Jun 07, 2010 - Sexy Video : 03:33
Angell Summers Rocks
Angell Summers
Jun 07, 2010 - Sexy Video : 04:15
Angell Summers 242
Angell Summers
Oct 10, 2009 - Sexy Video : 04:05

Angell Summers Yellow
Angell Summers
Jan 31, 2012 - Sexy Video : 04:14
Angell Summers House
Angell Summers
Jun 07, 2010 - Sexy Video : 03:26
Angell Summers Wood
Angell Summers
Oct 10, 2009 - Sexy Video : 03:19
Angell Summers Interview2
Angell Summers
Feb 04, 2012 - Sexy Video : 04:55

Angell Summers Pool
Angell Summers
Jun 07, 2010 - Sexy Photos :
French pornstar stripping
Angell Summers
Oct 10, 2009 - Sexy Video : 04:02
Angell Summers Beach
Angell Summers
Oct 10, 2009 - Sexy Video : 02:08
Angell Summers Webcam
Angell Summers
Feb 04, 2012 - Sexy Video : 05:29

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