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    2 cock for 2 DP on 2 chic...
      Leyla Black | Dunia-Montenegro | Juan-Z
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      2 cock for 2 DP on 2 chicks
      Full HD views : 55584 - rate : 76%
      rate Anal - Ass to Mouth - Blonde - Outdoor - Facial - Fist - Deepthroat - Group - Pierce - Teen -
      Description :
      Brutal sexual education for this blond chick. If she was not nasty before coming there, now she definitly is. She learned in the same 30 mn how to do a deepthroat, how to do fist fucking on an other girl, how to do an anal fist fucking, and last but not least, how to do a double fist fucking !! Have you ever seen that ? No ? Neither had she ... The girl is astonished but she enjoys what she is doing !!! They will next be smashed in and all that gonna end with a great double facial cumshot. And all that shoot in HD so as you can appreciate all details !!! Enjoy guys !!
    Video : date Nov 03, 2008 - duration 45:27
    Gigi Love Nina Roberts Du...
      Gigi Love | Nina Roberts | Dunia-Montenegro
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      Full HD views : 47697 - rate : 72%
      rate Anal - Big Tits - Brunette - Deepthroat - Dildo - Facial - Group - Latina - Lesbians - Outdoor - Pornstars - Ass -
      Description :
      Nina & Cacahuète - 2/2: Nina managed to drive her 2 new muses to an intensive excitation, and they are now animated by a very strong desire of cock, and Cacahuète (Sébastian Barrio) the helper of Nina, who for the first time attended a trio lesbian, has the cock hardened like rock! It is thus very naturally that pulpy Gigi catches the large dart that Cacahuète presents to her and swallow it gluttonously. She blows him while Nina goes on playing with the other latin babes. Once the bimbo convinced, Cacahuète lay her down and deeply pokes her, completely excited by what he has just seen. He will smash her in many positions. But the other bimbo, seeing how her friend is well shaged, ask for a real cock too. She boots out her friend and offers herself to the big limbed helper. Proud of him, he completly smashes in her pussy before elarging her pretty little asshole of several centimetres. And once have comed the 3 grils, he finishes by a fireworks of sperm on these pretty sweet latin mouths. A very funny scene of an intense dynamism that you absolutly can't miss.
    Video : date Apr 23, 2008 - duration 35:40
    Dunia Montenegro Laura Te...
      Dunia-Montenegro | laura | Terry Kemaco
    Video : date Apr 18, 2007 - duration 22:18
    Dunia Montenegro Laura
      Dunia-Montenegro | laura
    Video : date Apr 18, 2007 - duration 23:11

    Fisting, squirting, deep ...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Michelle Blanch | David-El-Moreno
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      Fisting, squirting, deep anal fucking ... That's too much !!!
      Full HD views : 68016 - rate : 64%
      rate Anal - Big Tits - Brunette - Fist - Group - Latina - Pornstars - Squirt - Big pussy - Facial -
      Description :
      Those crazt babes have been so exciting bu their lesbian party need cock !! 2 guys that was there for the interview gonna be used for it. They gonna be blowned deeeeply... and then, one after the other, they gonna fuck, asse fucked, deep and brutally ass fuck... make both of the 2 slut squirt... too nasty ! The one is even harder than the first part. You can't miss it ! FULL HD
    Video : date Dec 15, 2009 - duration 21:08
    Brutal lesbian party with...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Michelle Blanch
    Video : date Dec 15, 2009 - duration 13:34
    Brune babe stripping in t...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Jorge Fernandez
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      Brune babe stripping in the beach
      views : 10262 - rate : 60%
      rate Brunette - Exhib - Latina - Outdoor - Pornstars -
      Description :
      Dunia Montenegro and Jorge for a crazy fuck party on the beach , where Dunia is even pissing in Jorge's mouth ! It's hard to see , but if you pay attention you will get it ! Anyway , the Latina porn star Dunia is here geting fucked very good by Jorge
    Video : date Jul 01, 2006 - duration 19:24
    Dunia Montenegro, the mos...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Terry Kemaco
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      Dunia Montenegro, the most popular Latin girl in Spain!
      Full HD views : 20090 - rate : 56%
      rate Big Tits - Brunette - Deepthroat - Latina - Pornstars -
      Description :
      If there is somebody who is always especially welcome at Kemaco, that is Dunia. This very sexy girl doesn't need to be introduced and has had a very special relationship with our company. Since the beginning, every time we make a film or a scene with this very professional chick, we drive crazy, because she fucks so well and also because of the personal relationship that we keep with her. So when she said that she would come to see us to say good-bye, we couldn't believe that. She said, she would like to leave the porn-business with a good flavor in her mouth. So Terry took the opportunity and started working on her. Hands, dick, tongue... There couldn't miss a single detail in our last scene with this pretty brunette. Don't miss looking at Dunia by sucking his dick, the way she moans, when she gets fucked into her delicious pussy, how much she enjoys ass fucking and also the cumshot in the end, the cumshot of her last scene. We just expect her to come back, if she decides some day to make new movies. Maybe she calls us and we can enjoy once again this pretty lady. I let you watch the scene now, so that you enjoy it just the way we did.
    Video : date Feb 10, 2012 - duration 39:31

    Nina Roberts having sex w...
      Gigi Love | Nina Roberts | Dunia-Montenegro
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      Nina Roberts having sex with 2 bombas latinas
      Full HD views : 9938 - rate : 55%
      rate Ass - Big pussy - Brunette - Dildo - Group - Latina - Lesbians - Metis - Teen -
      Description :
      Nina & Cacahuète -1/2: Nina Roberts, famous french pornstar converted herself into photographer of pretty pulpy and nude girls. She likes to unearth new talents and is going to discover 2 hot latinas that aroused her at the first glance. Joined by the good Cacahuète ("wich means peanut") who comes for the first time from his getho, she will succeed in convincing them to be shooted and introduce him as her assistant. The bimbos are not wary, and seduced by the charisma of the beautiful Nina, they first will accept sensual lesbian licks, and then, the excitations becoming increasingly intense, they will be smashed by the favorite sex toys of the pretty Nina. And Nina is an expert, she will not only drive them to a hard appetite of sex, but she will also delight in lesbians sweetness... The 2 latinas are crazy of Nina and gonna have sex with her while Cacahuète is driving crazy, completly excited by what he is seeing and as well disgusted to see how they are able to do without him... to be continued.
    Video : date May 04, 2008 - duration 21:10
      Dunia-Montenegro | Kevin White
    Video : date Jun 03, 2013 - duration 29:49
    Dunia Montenegro Yesenia ...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Yesenia Rock | Jorge Fernandez
    Video : date Mar 20, 2008 - duration 34:19
    Brasilian pornstar with g...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Terry Kemaco
    Video : date Feb 01, 2004 - duration 25:37

    Hot latin bitch fucking i...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Jorge Fernandez
    Photos : date Aug 28, 2006 - duration
    Dunia Montenegro Gigi Lov...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Gigi Love
    Video : date May 01, 2008 - duration 00:32
    Dunia Montenegro Bed
    Photos : date Aug 28, 2006 - duration
    Dunia Montenegro Stairs
    Video : date Aug 28, 2006 - duration 03:51

    Hot brazilian girl stripp...
    Photos : date Aug 28, 2006 - duration
    Brazilian babe in some er...
      Dunia-Montenegro | Jorge Fernandez
    Photos : date Aug 28, 2006 - duration
    Dunia Montenegro Intervie...
    Video : date Feb 10, 2012 - duration 05:56
    Dunia Montenegro Well
    Video : date Feb 06, 2012 - duration 04:58

    Dunia Montenegro Bed 09
    Video : date Dec 15, 2009 - duration 02:49
    Hot latin babe strpping a...
    Video : date Jul 01, 2006 - duration 02:39
    Dunia the Brazilian Hotti...
    Video : date Feb 10, 2012 - duration 06:00
    Dunia Montenegro Short
    Video : date Jun 03, 2013 - duration 04:08

    Dunia Montenegro Webcam S...
    Video : date Jun 03, 2013 - duration

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