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  • Age : 24
  • Country : Espagne
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    Fayan Vergara is a spanish Stripper, working in Barcelona, stripping in bars, clubs, and even some TV shows. And we managed to convvince her for some porno shootings ! She's really hot, and you can see here some of her very firsts hardcore scenes !
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    Orgy and double DP for 2 ...
    Video : Fayna Vergara Orgy and double DP for 2 ...
    Fayna Vergara | Shannya Tweeks | moisex | Juan-Z
    Dec 09, 2008 - Porn Video : 41:20 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Robin Reid
    Fayna Vergara Robin Reid Porn Video
    Fayna Vergara | robin-reid
    • View : 18299- Votes : 54%
      Tags : Anal - Big Tits - Deepthroat - Facial - Redhead -
      Description :
      Imagine a hot summer afternoon, you are quiet, working on your car and sudenly arrives awonderful babes, afraid because her sprotive car is doing a strange noise... As you are a good boy, you offer her to have a look at it. The chick gets out of her cars and discover that she is as impressive as her car !! After a fact look at the engine, you realizes that everything is ok, that the young slut cames her just because her husband is impotent and she needs to be weel fucked by a virile mechanic... So as you are a gentelman, you let her do.. and when she grabs on your cock you understand that this bitch is fucking expert. She blows you as just real sluts are able to ! You cocks erects instantanatly !! So you are sweeped by a savage desire of smashing in her. You lay in the car and she sit on your cock, then you both go on the floor an you put your cock in her sweet little asshole as this bitch worth to be assfucked. She screems of pleasure and you cum in her mouth...
    Jun 19, 2008 - Porn Video : 23:12 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Terry Beach
    Fayna Vergara Terry Beach Porn Video
    Fayna Vergara | Terry Reid
    • View : 33325- Votes : 66%
      Tags : Anal - Outdoor - Facial - Deepthroat - Big Tits -
      Description :
      Fayna Vergara stripping on the beach with Terry filming her, at some moment of the strip she starts sucking him, and then they fuck there. She gets fucked in her pussy and ass, before getting a great cum shot in her face !
    Jun 09, 2008 - Porn Video : 22:32 Full HD
    Redhair Babes is getting ...
    Video : Fayna Vergara Redhair Babes is getting ...
    Fayna Vergara | Terry Reid
    • View : 20987- Votes : 67%
      Tags : Anal - Big Tits - Deepthroat - Redhead -
      Description :
      Tonight my friend I will show you a scene full HD very colorfull !! Do you like redhair girls ? Yes ? So you gonna love this video we will discover a real Bomba. This dolly is absolutly cute ... a wonderful smile, sweet eyes, an absolutly perfect body... she is tall ans slim a perfect little ass, and giant and wonderfull tits !! She has been drawn like a ferrari ! but she is sweeter ... a aweet as a little cat... and as talented with her tong ! She has got a real talent for deepthroat... she is able to swallow completly a big hard dick ! And it seems she likes it as she does it with many care !! Brave girl she worth being well fucked ! And the happy guy that is having a hot sex party with her gonna do his best smash her. He will dismount her pussy, and once completly wet, he will turn her to take care of her nice little asshole... such an ass worthes to be well fucked ! so he will sodomise her again, and again, and again... and once he feels her little asshole squeezing around his dick, proof that the chick is climaxing, he gets out and cums on this sweet little face... A taste of joy...
    May 17, 2008 - Porn Video : 30:21 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Molly Wood ...
    Fayna Vergara Molly Wood Sebastian Barrio Jorge Porn Video
    Fayna Vergara | Molly-wood | Sebastian Barrio | Jorge Fernandez
    • View : 26503- Votes : 68%
      Tags : Anal - Big Tits - Group - Outdoor - Facial -
      Description :
      Indiana Jorge as always , in the woods, trying to find some pretty girls to save .. this time he is finding 2 ! But , Sébastian Barrio is here, he was thinking he was in a James Bond movie... Well , all this is a bit messy actually , nevermind , they both get the girls and fucked them !
    May 13, 2008 - Porn Video : 32:27 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Webcam
    Fayna Vergara Webcam Sexy Video
    Fayna Vergara
    Jul 30, 2009 - Sexy Video : 07:34 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Car
    Fayna Vergara Car Sexy Video
    Fayna Vergara
    Jun 18, 2008 - Sexy Video : 05:23 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Beach
    Fayna Vergara Beach Sexy Video
    Fayna Vergara
    Jun 09, 2008 - Sexy Video : 06:20 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Bed
    Fayna Vergara Bed Sexy Video
    Fayna Vergara
    May 17, 2008 - Sexy Video : 08:14 Full HD
    Fayna Vergara Wall
    Fayna Vergara Wall Sexy Video
    Fayna Vergara
    May 13, 2008 - Sexy Video : 05:32 Full HD

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