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    Satisfied chicks are like...
      Jenny Hard | Terry Kemaco
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      Satisfied chicks are like Jenny Hard!
      Full HD views : 70977 - rate : 78%
      rate Anal - Big Tits - Brunette - Brutal - Deepthroat - Facial - Outdoor - Pornstars -
      Description :
      You cannot imagine, how glad we feel, when our girls are happy! Of course, sometimes the verbal communication between us is sort of difficult, but we try our best and it always works out! If you want something for sure, you will always get it! And if the invited girl is as easy-going as Jenny Hard, you can already imagine how much fun we will have. She has got that special mouth that is born to suck dicks and make blowjobs, this wet pussy and this nice character of being playful. She can swallow whatever you put in her greedy mouth. After comes that ass, a heavenly butt that is irresistible. These nice eyes and the great tits. Well, there is nothing that she misses, in order to be the queen. Nobody is able to say no to such a perfect chick!
    Video : date May 01, 2012 - duration 33:54
    Jenny is back for a memor...
      Jenny Hard | Rob Diesel
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      Jenny is back for a memorable sex moment with Rob
      Full HD views : 84394 - rate : 73%
      rate Brunette - Big Tits - Big cocks - Pornstars - Facial -
      Description :
      Jenny Hard is being shot by our camera team. She is making an awsome striptease. Her huge tits are worth it! And then Rob Diesel appears... He goes straight to the chick and kisses her on the lips, on the tits and makes her hot. She is getting wet by his ways and replies by touching his dick. Great and sexy hardcore scene at the beach, both guys standing in the water, and having a delicious time by fucking each other - with a nice cumshot in the end, of course! Don't miss that very erotic film!
    Video : date Oct 16, 2011 - duration 23:22
    Jenny HARD, the next sex ...
      Jenny Hard | Terry Kemaco
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      Jenny HARD, the next sex queen in Spain!
      Full HD views : 53484 - rate : 72%
      rate Anal - Big Tits - Deepthroat - Fist - Latina - Stocking - Strip - Pantyhose - Brutal - Dildo - Double -
      Description :
      Jenny is just 20 years old, but she is almost perfect! Her heavenly body, her sweet face, her very hot temper... there is nothing to describe her better tan images; images will explain all of the rest, she is like a storm! Go and watch the pictures, but be careful, because you will never be able to forget this girl! Her image will be like recorded in your brain! Anyway, take it easy... we will show her again. Don't worry! Now just enjoy her very first scene and relax! Soon coming more! In FULL-HD-Quality!
    Video : date Oct 15, 2011 - duration 26:06
    Stud bull getting fucked ...
      Jenny Hard | Mademoiselle Justine | Max Casanova
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      Stud bull getting fucked by two sluts!
      Full HD views : 52310 - rate : 67%
      rate Anal - Big Tits - Brunette - Deepthroat - Facial - FFM - Pornstars - Threesome -
      Description :
      In times of war everything may happen that's what they say! And if you don't trust the statement, watch this: Jenny and Justine have taken as a prisoner the poor guy Casanova. And what better method for torturing a guy and getting information out of him than by using sex as a weapon? These two sluts don't feel any sorry for fucking this stud bull and squeeze out of him the last drop of spunk, in order to achieve their goal... This is a great scene, where you get to see blowjobs, doggie style fucking and difficult postures and all of this in one of the most beautiful locations, you can only imagine. I hope you don't miss that fucking great scene!
    Video : date Mar 12, 2012 - duration 23:26

    The lucky hunter!
      Jenny Hard | Terry Kemaco
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      The lucky hunter!
      Full HD views : 58135 - rate : 50%
      rate Ass - Big Tits - Brunette - Pornstars - Spandex - Uniforms - Vinyl -
      Description :
      Terry is in the forest with his hunting dog, and wants to shoot some rabbits. All out of a sudden, somebody pulls him taking his trousers and a very bitchy and bad humored lady dressed up in black leathers asks for his hunting permission. Terry says he doesn't need such kind of a permission in this area. But the lady, called Jenny, is a very strict watcher in the woods and replies that this is not correct. So Terry puts his hands up and Jenny checks him looking for any further weapons he might have. Since there is no fucking way back, poor Terry wants to know what is going to happen to him. The strange watcher answers: "You can avoid a fine by paying in other means than money." "Excuse me?", Terry doesn't quite understand. And while he is asking, Jenny is already busy with getting his trousers opened. Terry must still keep his arms up and is not allowed to move. She starts sucking his dick and teasing him all the time, until he is no longer able to be the sex toy boy. So he quickly takes the bitch of a watcher and shags her in the middle of the woods. One day, one deal! This hot and very well performed scene should not be missed by you! Pure hardcore sex in the middle of the forest! And the rest will have to be discovered by yourself, this is to say by watching the film...
    Video : date Oct 16, 2011 - duration 14:57
    Jenny Hard Beach
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Oct 14, 2011 - duration 02:24
    Jenny Hard Mademoiselle J...
      Jenny Hard | Mademoiselle Justine
    Photos : date Mar 12, 2012 - duration
    A bitch at the beach
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Mar 08, 2012 - duration 03:00

    Jenny Hard Pool
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Oct 13, 2011 - duration 03:43
    Jenny Hard Interview
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Oct 16, 2011 - duration 06:51
    Jenny Hard Cactus
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Oct 14, 2011 - duration 02:28
    Jenny Hard Webcam Bed
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date May 01, 2012 - duration 05:54

    Jenny Hard Webcam
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Oct 24, 2011 - duration 04:30
    Wild Motorcycle Girl
      Jenny Hard | Harley
    Video : date May 01, 2012 - duration 03:44
    Jenny the most Hard spani...
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date May 01, 2012 - duration 05:50
    Jenny Hard Jungle
      Jenny Hard
    Video : date Oct 13, 2011 - duration 03:53

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