Pretty chick fucked on the boss desk

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Nov 17, 2008 | 00:22:18 | 22865 | Production : MMM100    

With : Krystal Wallas Terry Kemaco

TAGS : Arab Ass Brunette Squirt Teen
Would you like to know what it looks like when there is no caméra ? Are the chicks as slut as they look like in the movie ? Do They use their sexual performance to get som advantages ? Well.... indeed YES, as everywhere else... having sex with the boss canhelp for a carrier ! So this young slut gets in th boss office tocomplain as she is the best dancers, the more professionnal, but she is not more paid than the others... So he wants a compensation ! The leading role in his next movie as an example... The boss is quiet ok, but he wants to be sure she is capable, so he gonna check himself what she is able to receive !! She has already worked for him, but he manages to convince her to do a new casting !!! And as she wants the role, she gonna do her best to convince him !! Greedy blowjob, deepthroat, nothing frighten her ! Then she offers her warm and wet pussy that he gonna explose ! False casting but real sex !! She gonna be dismonted for a role she won't have anyway... But as someone is knocking at the door (you will know who in another video), he fastly cum on her tenny slut face before to dismiss her saying that he will think about the leading role...A fucking asshole !! But... when you have such sluts... it would be stupid not to do the same !!!
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