The vengeful Hitch-hiker

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Description :

Sweet and tricky Milky is a hitch-hiker! She can't afford a car for now, but takes it easy and moves around anyway. Fortunately, one impressive car with one attractive guy stops at the hard shoulder and let's her in. The guy, Leo, doesn't know yet the kind of bitch who sat next to him in his expensive car. She is a fucking hot slut! Without even asking the driver, Milky dares to take initiative and provides Leo's dick with a deep blowjob. As things become hot and hotter, Leo can't drive anymore, and decides to park the car in some quiet area in the forest, which gives him the opportunity to fuck and enjoy the heavenly body of the pretty slutty! Despite the suffocating heat of Spanish Summer, they wildly fuck in all imaginable positions. Leo Gálvez insists on ass-fucking and holds her tight to do so! After that he feels like penetrating the pussy though, and he does it, too! Milky is getting sort of overloaded, and will put an end to this excessive style of Leo's! She takes out her gun and makes him move close to a tree, where she can fix his arm with pink coloured handcuffs and leave him there all alone, naked and mightless! This scene is part of a full-length film, and can be watched in Full HD!

Photos :

The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 01 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 03 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 05 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 07 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 09 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 11 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 13 The vengeful Hitch-hiker  photo 15

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