Crazy chick being fucked by Max!

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Apr 12, 2012 | 00:39:11 | 99543 | Production : MMM100    

With : Clanddi Jinkcego Max Cortes

TAGS : Big Tits Brunette Brutal Funny Panties Pornstars
Max is so sad, because all of his friends have forgotten about him and the one and only person who offers some company to him is a crazy chick with huge tits! He is also upset, because there is nobody to give him a cool blowjob , but nevertheless trying to make him hot. The explosive mix of feelings makes that Max i son his nerve and he starts fucking the boobie girl in a way only Max Cortés is able to do! The bitch is totally crazy, but Max is more or less about the same, so he hits her hard in every position. Since the very first moment, when she starts to suck his dick until the very end, when he comes into her face, she will feel his fat dick in every hole, and in the positions that only a master of sex can offer. A funny and amusing scene, with lots of action and fucking hot in general terms. Don't miss the video!
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