Dominated mistress

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Description :

Liz is a woman of character who likes to be respected . She lays down her partner on the ground, naked as a worm , and intend to make him suffer . She burns him with wax, do a blowjob with a ridiculous doll , crush his cock with her heels ... What excites the guy in every sense. It drives his cock hard as a rock and it makes him feel to teach him who is the boss. He fingers her up to a great squirt that totally clam her... then he can us a huge dildo in her pussy to dilate well before putting his big hard cock and fuck her deep...

Photos :

Dominated mistress  photo 01 Dominated mistress  photo 03 Dominated mistress  photo 05 Dominated mistress  photo 07 Dominated mistress  photo 09 Dominated mistress  photo 11 Dominated mistress  photo 13 Dominated mistress  photo 15

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