Kevin's anger about the lost luggage

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Mar 12, 2012 | 00:18:25 | 22176 | Production : MMM100    

With : Mademoiselle Justine Kevin White

TAGS : Anal Asian Brunette Pornstars Snobby Metis
Kevin is fed up with his luggage getting lost every time he takes a plane. And this time he will go to the office and complain. But the problem is that he can't communicate with the lady in the office, because of the language. This makes him even more angry! So he just grabs her and starts fucking her all the time over and over again, just the way it pleases him. The lady is shocked, as he enters the office, but then, when he fucks her, she gets very hot and horny and starts moaning, while she is getting fucked in the ass and in the pussy. And in the end, they both forget about the luggage and are only focussed on sex and on coming several times. Here you get to see Kevin's real temper!
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