Extreme goldenshower

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Description :

The dude is reading a porn magazine showing incredible squirting and explaining how to get it when her chik gets in. "What ? I'm not enough for you !!?" But he doesn't let her shout at him. he grabs her and put his dick in her mouth so that she shuts up and blows him well deep. And when he begin to be hard enough he fucks her strong. But it's not what he most wants, he puts two fingers deep in her pussy and touch the perfect point so that she gonna squirt like a real spring... And she loves it... oh hell she really likes it !!! Even more as he gonna alternate his cock and his finger deep into her pussy. Who said goldenshower does not exists ?

Photos :

Extreme goldenshower  photo 01 Extreme goldenshower  photo 03 Extreme goldenshower  photo 05 Extreme goldenshower  photo 07 Extreme goldenshower  photo 09 Extreme goldenshower  photo 11 Extreme goldenshower  photo 13 Extreme goldenshower  photo 15

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