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Added : 10-Oct-2002
Age : 21 years old
Country : Tcheque
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Karina just turned 21 but her tight pussy has already “swallowed” more cocks than any other older girl. This teen looking blonde has a very natural relationship with sex and with men. She simply loves to feel fat cocks in her mouth, she loves to play with her toys and to put a finger in her ass when the orgasm comes. And the best about Karina is that she is totally open to any experience. Lesbian, domination, inserts… exploring sex and pleasure with Karina should be the dream of any reasonable male (and female) !

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Karina and Myriam two czech blondes domi...
Nov 11, 2002 42839 17:40
Nice little blonde Karina removing cloth...
Nov 11, 2002 23071 01:30
Lovely petite blonde Karina stripping
Nov 11, 2002 19596 04:41
Nice petite blonde Karina doing a strip
Nov 11, 2002 13946
Horny little blonde Karina getting naked...
Nov 11, 2002 13206
Sexy Video
Pretty young blonde Karina getting naked...
Jan 11, 2006 16823 05:05
Pretty petite blonde Karina dancing and ...
Nov 11, 2002 16183
Slutty blonde babe strips and smokes on ...
Nov 11, 2002 13634
Pretty little blonde Karina doing a hot ...
Nov 11, 2002 12581
Blonde slutty babe strips off in sexy wh...
Nov 11, 2002 13495
Free Video
Gorgeous Czech teen Karina tied with her...
Nov 11, 2002 272 00:58
Hot little blonde Karina doing a strip
Nov 11, 2002 13025
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