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Added : 26-Jan-2003
Age : 21 years old
Country : Espagne
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Yosune is a very hot and sexy spanish girl from the Basque country. She used to be a highly-paid stripper but Yosune then decided one day she wanted to work in films, and with here experience, she made the transition from stripper to porn star effortlessly. She is a complete horn dog and a true master of the blow-job. With this reputation, she is already becoming one of the most famous and in-demand porn stars in Europe, aswell as her native Spain. Hot as hell!!!

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Porn Video
Busty Spanish Milf Yosune Gets Her Assho...
Jul 27, 2021 10874 22:06
Porn Video
Typically spanish MILF Yosune in a hard ...
Jun 02, 2004 29090 31:52
Porn Video
Spanish couple with stunning busty MILF ...
Jan 21, 2023 4577 30:51
Porn Video
Yosune a spectacular Spanish MILF with b...
Mar 19, 2022 7131 23:58
Porn Video
Spanish milf slut with her boyfriend
Feb 04, 2003 39521 19:48
Horny milf brunette Yosune getting naked...
Jun 07, 2004 18581 03:45
MILF brunette Yosune doing a strip in th...
Feb 04, 2003 15525
Horny french slut dressed in kinky blue ...
Feb 04, 2003 15986
Horny latin slut in hot bikini stripping...
Feb 04, 2003 16296
Sexy Video
Mature woman brune removing her clothes
Jun 03, 2004 18178 11:41
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